Get Bike Fit… Again

WTF have I been doing?!

Let’s be honest, I’ve been slacking recently when it comes to my bike and motivation has been lacking. I think having a break every now and then is healthy but 2 months is a bit much! Where have I been? Well, nowhere really, but often when you put the big miles in for a prolonged period, fatigue, injury and illness can sometimes catch up with you and in turn, motivation can really take a hit. And like all motivation saps, I have an accompanying sob story and a couple of sorry excuses!

Sorry Excuse

You could say I had a bit of a double whammy, which pretty much nuked any motivation I had to jump on my bike. At the beginning of September I was hit with the flu… big time! I know every bloke says that, but seriously, I’ve never been that ill! Even now a couple months on I’ve still got some symptoms. It was crazy, I didn’t get out of bed for 10 days and put me off my bike for the best part of 2-3 weeks.

The Missing Ligament

I began to feel a little better which meant I was able to jump back on my bike and start putting in some miles again, but almost as soon as I was over my cold… ‘ahem’ FLU, I then found out I have to have reconstructive surgery on my right knee, effectively putting me off the bike properly for at least 4 months, probably more. It turns out that my ACL on my right knee is non-existent, meaning that I have to have surgery to take muscle out of my hamstring to replace the missing ligament. This bombshell gave me the mindset of “whats the f**king point?” I completely downed tools and shunned my bike for the best part of 6 weeks.

The Motivation is Back!


Why am I back on it? Well, for starters I began to miss it. I’m still waiting for my operation so nothing has changed there, but I figured that if I go into that in the best shape possible then its only going increase my chances of a quick recovery. Theres no point in dropping it altogether until I get back to a point where I can ride again. I’m only going to get fatter and slower while I wallow over my situation, so I may as well carry on regardless until I have to go under the knife.

So Unfit it’s a Joke

It turns out that 2 months away from cycling completely kills your fitness. I’m a shadow of my former self and its going to be some weeks before I’m back up to a standard close to where I was this summer. I did an hours ride the other day at 220w and slowly increased it to 305w and I was absolutely blowing out my arse! I couldn’t believe how unfit I was. I’ve taken to short bursts on Zwift, an hour here and hour there to try and get some sort of base fitness up and hopefully slowly but surely it will begin to come back. The Workout mode is fairly effective and I’m especially concentrating on Sweet Spot with some intervals if I have the energy. If I can’t get a free weekend with decent weather then I’ll try get a big ride in but I think I’ll struggle in my current state.

Stay Tuned!

Anyway, I thought I’d post an update to my current situation and why I haven’t really blogged for a couple of months. I’m planning on doing an FTP test this week which will be interesting. My Summer FTP was at 339w so I’ll be sure to post about how far I’ve fell away and update you on my climb back to full fitness.

Rest assured the Ride Journal will be back soon, as wells as much more content too!

Time to Get Bike Fit… again

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