Get Wife Fit, Part 2

The Get Wife Fit series continues, with Lizzie beginning to get to grips with cycling (indoors anyway)… 

Week 1

Once I’d gotten over the initial shock of the FTP test, and my bum from being so sore it hurt to walk, I really wanted to improve, I’m naturally a competitive person, and like to see progress, so for me to be able to actually see how I have been improving makes me want to keep going!

So Chris had a look and found a short 30 min workout ride on Zwift for me, I did it without dying, and actually felt a lot better during, it felt do-able…

Until Chris started going on about how I need to keep upping my FTP, um excuse me I like my FTP exactly where it is thank you! My problem is I like to do it all by myself, and whilst Chris knows what he’s going on about, I think he forgets that I have literally no interest in racing, or getting a top end bike, I just want to get a bit fitter!

6 Week FTP Training

When I was left to my own devises I was able to find a training plan that seemed to make sense to me, it felt like there was something to aim towards at the end of it, its measurable and tells me what I am working on each day. Perfect!

Day 1 was working on the foundation, it felt like a good work out, without being too hard, I actually…dare I say it…enjoyed it! I was still having connection issues at this point, and kept getting irritated with having to stop, re-load, and start again, so after a couple of false starts I made it through.

Day 2 was strength, I’ve fairly strong legs, I was a runner at school, and as I’ve said before I play netball twice a week (WA/WD/C – the running positions, if you know what I’m talking about!) so I thought I would be fairly OK, if not good at this one. Well I started the warm up, and thought that it was a bit weird, the warm up was trying to get me to do 100w for 10 mins, I did it, but thought I was going to die! I ended up ringing Chris and telling him I couldn’t do it, it was far too hard and I thought I was going to vom! Turns out the FTP from Chris’ ride was still on it, I think he was testing me, or that he’d gone insane!

Anyway, he fixed it and it became a ride I slightly hated less!

Where am I now?

Well, I’m not going on everyday, I try to at least go on twice a week, with Netball twice a week too, thats FOUR whole days of exercise, thats more then enough right?

At the end of the day I decided to give it a go, and I am liking it more each time, does this mean I’d go out on the real life road, hmmm I’m not so sure, there is the small problem of having to buy a bike for me. Secretly I have my eye on a matt black one with bright pink accents, spotted from Lutterworth Cycle Centre when Chris was too busy buying his helmet. But, I am really conscious of spending all that money and then not enjoying it?

(this is not the bike, but looked at the website and thought it was lush!)

Let me know if you’ve got any suggestions for a (very) novice rider, thats cheapish, and looks good?

Anyway, if you want to follow my slow, but steady, progress feel free to join me on Strava/Zwift (you can find me by my name Lizzie Ramsdale)

More next week!

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