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Cycling can be quite a lonely sport, well for me at least it is. Apart from my weekly club rides and the odd jaunt out with a friend, the majority of my cycling is out on my own. Add my hours spent training to my work commitments and it becomes difficult to find barely any quality time to spend with my wife.

So I came up with an idea. What if I got my wife into our amazing sport? I have 2 problems though. She doesn’t own a bike and perhaps the greater obstacle is that she friggin hates cycling! However, I’ve rigged up my old bike, shortened the seat tube and somehow managed to convince her to at least have go. As well as all that I’ve roped her into writing a post series on her experience with the bike! 

Introducing Lizzie

Right, let me first start by saying I really friggin hate cycling, we tried it many (pre-kid) years ago when Chris first got into mountain biking, I had his mum’s 20 year old bike. We’d go on a few bike rides together in the evenings around the village we lived in at the time, but then he got it in his head that we should go on an ‘epic’ bike ride, as in 20 miles…60 miles later with me crying on a bench begging Chris to go and get the car, my hatred of cycling began!

Don’t get me wrong, the day is now something we look back at as a funny story in our relationship, you know ‘do you remember the time you threw your bike on the ground and stropped off’ but I have never forgotten how exhausted, sore and hungry (we ran out of food around mile 30!) and utterly miserable I felt on that bench, also knowing I still had about 5 miles to go to get home, including a fair few hills!

Why now?

Flash forward to now, a baby, a house move and general life happenings, Chris’s love of cycling only increased, and eventually he turned into a road cyclist, and a constant nagging at me to give it a go.

A few major issues with this –

1. I’m scared of riding on roads, I hate the idea of cars behind me, feeling that pressure to move out of the way, or worse, been overtaken too closely etc etc

2. As much as I love my husband, he is one competitive b**t**d, whilst this is good for improving his own fitness, for me it makes me want to punch him in the face!

3. The thought of having to clip in and out is just difficult for me, I’m not the most graceful of people and would inevitably fall flat on my face!

But with all this in mind, I thought I would give it a go, I still have baby weight to get off (can I still say this, or am I just overweight now?) so who best to turn to then my husband, who has been there/done that with his own fitness/weight loss through cycling.

Then he made me do an FTP test

I agreed to get on the turbo trainer, no outside riding for me! Not least because I no longer own a bike, so with a bit of playing around with the old mountain bike I was all set up to give it a go. Then I thought I was going to die, I mean I play netball around 2 times a week, so not totally un-fit, but my god that was an experience!

There were a few teething issues with the connection, but I finished it and came out with an FTP of 60. Pretty darn shameful, but you know what you’ve got to start somewhere!


I felt pretty positive about it all, until I woke up the next day and my bum was so sore that I could barely walk (too many innuendo’s!) the thought of getting back on the bike was making the me hate the bloody thing even more. But I got on, I even have a cushion, picture Chris hanging his head in shame, but its what works for me!

I’ve built up slowly, and completed my first week, but thats a story for another time!



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