Using Cycling for Rehab from Knee Surgery

Where am I at?

A couple of weeks have passed since my knee surgery rehab began, at least the cycling side of that rehab anyway. Zwift has been my main focus, in fact my only focus since I really struggle clipping in/out right now, so any riding outside is pretty much out of the question (as tempting as it is with this amazing weather). Also I can’t actually pedal while in a standing position, even two weeks on. I’m not sure why, my leg just won’t go while standing.


The first week was pretty depressing. I could barely spin the pedals and the first 10 minutes were excruciatingly painful. However as time has gone on, things are getting better. My knee is less painful (as is my arse), my leg is bending so much more, my power is increasing and so is my stamina. I’m obviously not attempting any lung busting climbs or balls out racing, so my focus has purely been on getting my legs moving again but I’m definitely noticing a vast improvement.

I want to get out!

I drove past my cycling club last night who were out on a their weekly ride in glorious sunshine. Which was a little depressing. However, the great thing is that my brother who used to cycle up until a few years ago has started joining me in an effort to get fit again. Although his focus is mostly on shedding a few pounds and increasing power output, we are both at a similar level now so it should be good to experience this journey together.

Abus GameChanger

My craving to go out is hard to resist though. So much so, I’ve purchased a new lid in anticipation for when I do get back out on the road and right now I’m looking at some Speedplay Zero pedals as the adjustable float my help my knee out a bit. I’m targeting a jaunt out early next month, on a local flat route I used to do… here’s hoping!

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